Plus size clothing is tailored specifically for people above average clothing size. With increasing awareness and diversity, plus-size clothing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the apparel industry. Even sustainable plus size fashion too.

Until recently, it was a real battle for women to find plus-size clothing in the women’s section in the store. Finally, they had to end up in the men’s section. But now many businesses are focusing on plus size clothing too.

So now, though plus size clothing is available everywhere, finding an authentic, ethical brand is challenging for those who prefer wearing a sustainable dress. Therefore this article will give you an idea of the Sustainable Plus Size Fashion brands available for your choice, which provides you with everyday basics to formal wear. 

Sustainable Plus Size Fashion


This plus-size brand uses natural fabrics in its production. They use sustainably grown organic cotton and non-toxic dyes and maintain fair trade values in their production. 


This is an activewear brand, with sizes reaching the 6XL range in their sustainable plus size fashion. They produce durable leggings, sports bras, and swim wears. 

They use recycled plastics like post-consumer water bottles, fishing nets retrieved from the seas, fabric scraps, and other waste in their production process. 

Their packaging is also 100% recycled and recyclable. 

3. TOAD & CO

This company produces ethical clothing for both men and women. They use sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled fibers, and other high-quality materials with less environmental harm.


The sustainable motto of Standard Stitch is “create clothing that is gentle on the earth as they are gentle on your body.”

They have sizes ranging up to 5XL. 

They use organic and sustainable fabrics, ethical labor, non-toxic dyes, and eco-friendly packaging in their production line. 


This is a unisex apparel brand that has got sizes ranging to 6XL. They have jumpsuits and trousers for both genders. They use a hand-dye process with non-toxic dyes and natural cotton material in their operation. 

6. ACE & JIG

Ace & Jig is a company that practices sustainability in its manufacturing process. Their main aim is to reduce textile wastage. They use hand-weaving techniques to reduce carbon footprints made in the environment. They also recycle wastewater and repurpose textile scraps. 


This is an affordable, sustainable plus-size fashion available for you. This fair-trade certified brand uses premium sustainable materials involving upcycling and recycling processes. 

They have a wide range of clothing to select from, such as sweaters, denim, coats & jackets, dresses, pants & bottoms, tops, t-shirts, intimates & lounges, athleisure, and work wear. 


This is an ethical wear production company that has sizes up to 3XL. They are primarily hand-sewn, using fabrics like rayon made from wood and viscose made from tree pulp. 


Altar is a clothing brand that makes its clothes with “deadstock.” Apart from their eco-friendly clothing range, they have environmentally friendly jewelry and other things. Their clothing size ranges up to 6XL. 

Their eco-friendly jumpsuits are genuinely unique. 

They are working towards zero waste in all their production processes. 


They have products for women and kids. They also use natural and sustainable fabrics. This clothing has a different size chart than the other brands. So you have to measure yourself and follow their size chart. 

Sustainable Plus Size Fashion


Mara Hoffman is one of the best sustainable plus-size fashion. They use fabrics that range from hemp, organic cotton, linen, recycled material, and climate-beneficial wool. 

They have swimsuits made of discarded fishing nets. 


This plus-size fashion has a size range up to 4XL. They have the following products range in their sustainability production. 

Sustainable tops, sweaters, dresses, skirts, outwears, jumpers and pants. 


This clothing label covers your need for organic sleepwear; cotton pajamas. They also have sustainable bike shorts. 

They use Tencel lyocell, linen, and organic cotton materials in their production. Sometimes a bit of spandex is added to have that stretch on the fabric. The garments produced here are also toxic-free. They have extended sizes up to the 3XL range. 


This brand has a fair trade-certified ethical collection of clothing. They have plus sized clothing range up to 3XL size. 

They use organic linen, cotton, and cashmere materials in their production. 


Prana has a collection of plus-size ethical clothing like sweaters, jeans, flannels, hiking pants, ethical leggings, organic sports bras, sustainable outdoor clothing, and more. 

They are mainly designed for climbing, hiking, and yoga. 

This brand uses biodegradable materials like organic cotton, hemp, Tencel modal, and ethically sourced wool. They also use recycled paper for hang tags with compostable string. 


This a brand for women, which has simple tees to knit cardigans. They’re effortless, ethically made, and made to last. They use sustainable and up-cycled materials with eco-friendly practices in their production line. 


This brand offers a wide range of menswear-inspired styles for females. They use sustainable materials in their clothing manufacturing. 


As one of the best sustainable brands in plus size clothing, they offer 75 different sizes of clothes. Though they don’t use all the classically sustainable fabrics in their production, they are able to recycle 98% of the manufacturing water for other purposes. 


DK Active brand has plus-size yoga clothes, which include leggings, bra tops, loose-fit crop tops, and tanks. 

We can find recycled nylon, organic cotton, and organic bamboo in their clothing lines. But sometimes, they use non-recycled nylon and a bit of lycra too. 


This great brand offers plus-size clothing up to the range of 10XL. If you have a body that doesn’t fall into any of their content, they’ll go all the way to customize your desired size of clothing. There won’t be any additional customization charges. 

They use certified fabrics, non-toxic dyes, and eco-friendly packaging for their products. 

They are well known for their dresses and formal wear. 

Sustainable Plus Size Fashion

These are 20 great sustainable plus-size fashion brands any plus-size body type people would love to consider. It is impressive that businesses think of sustainability, even in the plus-size apparel sector. 

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