Why does sustainability matter?

We are all aware that sustainability is attempting to prevent the depletion of our natural resources so that we may one day permit the use of these resources to a sufficient level by future generations. When it comes to sustainability, one topic that is frequently discussed among the present generation is sustainable fashion. Humans constantly strive to preserve this ecological equilibrium by eating healthily, utilizing less plastic, and even lowering our driving to lessen the environmental pollution.

However, do we really lead sustainable lives? How could we contribute to the goal of sustainable development? I believe that the answer to these answers is a no and in light of this unmistakable “No” response, we should turn our attention to sustainable fashion and the reasons why it is currently so important for the environment.


Understanding the real meaning of sustainable fashion

The fashion industry is making efforts to gradually change as concerns about sustainability spread around the globe. The professionals in the field are still working to find environmentally friendly ways to produce clothing. They do this to increase their responsibilities for creating a greener economy and to draw in those who are more ecologically sensitive.

But really what exactly is sustainable fashion? Put bluntly, sustainable fashion refers to the production of clothing in a way that both protects the well-being of persons involved in the process and causes less harm to the natural environment. Sustainable clothing entails becoming ethical in aspects of dissemination, designing, reusing, recycling, as well as discarding of clothing to ensure that the overall system contributes to environmental protection for coming generations.

According to research, more than 10–20% of young people between the ages of 18 and 20 have made significant contributions to sustainable fashion during the past several years by buying sustainable clothing. The sector is acknowledged as being among the biggest ones to have a direct harmful effect on the environment. Therefore, promoting sustainable clothing is essential to improving the industry as well as building a better future.

What benefits can sustainable fashion bring?

To fully grasp the impact sustainability may have on the environment as well as the fashion industry as a whole, it is crucial to understand why sustainable clothing matters in comparison to rapid or fast fashion.

Fast fashion is proven to use up a significant amount of the world’s carbon by 2070 since it necessitates the production of a big volume of apparel at a minimal cost. Because it leaves fewer carbon footprints, sustainable fashion contributes to lowering emissions, which is one of the primary reasons it deserves more attention.

It is common for the fashion business to slaughter numerous animals to produce particular clothing, such as leather. Consequently, when quick fashion provokes, many animals are at risk. This is why we should switch to sustainable clothing, as cruelty-free manufacturing practices are used to create apparel from sustainable clothing manufacturers, which also helps to save animal lives.

Additionally, as the fast fashion business model necessitates a high volume of inexpensively produced goods, the employees of clothing companies are frequently treated like modern slaves. They don’t show concern about their workers’ well-being.

Due to the hazardous working conditions, long hours, and poor pay, business owners frequently fail to give priority to the wellness of garment workers. However, because they think that human lives are equally essential to the environment and animals, sustainable clothing companies frequently compensate their employees well, place a high priority on their health and well-being, and work to alleviate poverty.

A lot of us assume that purchasing fast fashionable clothing is much more affordable as well as cheap, however when considering the quality aspect, buying sustainable clothes could be considerably better value for money because they are of higher quality and therefore are predicted to be used for longer period of time than having to buy fast clothes time to time. As a result, transitioning to sustainable fashion is more cost-effective in the long run.

What difference does it actually make?

These are just a few reasons why we ought to prioritise sustainable clothing rather than stocking up on cheap clothing in vast quantities. Despite the fact that clothing is a necessity for us, we shouldn’t buy too much of it because doing so supports the production of more fast fashion, which harms the environment in which we live.

In order to influence other clothing owners to adopt sustainable manufacturing methods, it is up to us to make wise decisions in favour of sustainable clothing brands. The environment would benefit from this improvement in sustainable clothing, and humans would have the chance to breathe in pure oxygen. Sustainability would truly make a difference in society if everyone contributed equally to improving it, not just in the fashion industry, but in all industries.

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