You can continue paying for a fake Rolex watch by learning to recognize one. Watch dealer David Duggan offers his best advice on distinguishing between a genuine Rolex and a replica. One of the world’s most coveted luxury watch brands is Rolex, and owning one is in and of itself a status symbol. One of the world’s top 100 most influential and well-known brands is Rolex. Even skilled eyes can tell that many special edition Rolex watches are almost exact copies of their original counterparts. Taking the watch to a certified dealer, trained watchmaker, or deluxe watch store is the only way to be specific.fake rolex

Identifying whether fake or real

Serial number and Model number

Inside the watch, on the six o’clock side for more recent Rolex watches, and between the lugs for older ones, each Rolex is identified by a serial and model number. While fake watches have their serial numbers acid-etched into the metal, a Rolex serial number is always profoundly engraved. The band’s serial number is found on an actual Rolex where it meets the lug. And will deeply engrave The numbers in the metal of an authentic Rolex. The engraved numbers on the watch will catch the light when you tilt it toward the light, shining brightly to reveal an entirely symmetrical number. A simple Google search can identify a fake Rolex because they frequently have an incorrect model case number.

Engravings and waterproof cases

Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches have a minimum water resistance level of 330 feet. The Sea-Dweller Deepsea can withstand water for up to 12,800 feet. 

Reference numbers on counterfeit Rolex watch frequently appear to have been sandblasted into the case.fake rolex

Date appears bigger

On genuine Rolex timepieces with a date, Rolex adds a magnifying glass window called a “Cyclops” above the date. The date will be magnified by 2.5 times its standard size thanks to the Cyclops lens on the face of the genuine Rolex. Another red flag is if your date needs to be magnified or appears to be magnified significantly.

Weight or heft

You will only get scammed if you know how to recognize a fake Rolex. An authentic Rolex watch will always weigh more than a replica. Buy from a certified Rolex dealer instead of a pawn shop or secondhand store. The watch probably needs to be more authentic if the price seems too good. A fake Rolex watch is most likely made of inferior metal and is light in your hand.

Modern Rolex watches, in particular, have a “solid” feel from the genuine metal’s heavyweight all over the watch. The quartz dial movements of the cheapest fakes make them simple to identify.rolex watches fakes how to spot

Winding Crown

A simple-looking crown typically moves the minute and hour hands on a fake Rolex. An incredibly intricate Rolex crown logo can be found on the watch’s crown. The crown logo on a special edition Rolex is typically constructed from two or more pieces of metal attached. Look closely at the crown and crown logo with a magnifying glass.

Smooth hand movements

The second hand on a genuine Rolex will move in minute ticks that, at first glance, appear smooth. On a fake, the second hand is probably seen ticking away, stuttering its way around the face with each passing second. Additionally, it is not a genuine Rolex if the hands tick when they move.

Case back

Looking at the watch’s case back, which is almost always made of plain metal, is the simplest way to identify a fake Rolex. Most fake stickers aren’t holograms; instead, they’re just repetitive Rolex patterns that look the same no matter how they’re viewed. Despite the hologram appearing to be accurate, a genuine Rolex watch with a Blue/Black “Batman” bezel released only in 2015 is a fake.

Metal Quality

Rolex does not produce gold-plated or 14k gold watches and bracelets. A genuine Rolex is made of platinum, 18-karat gold, or stainless steel. A fake Rolex has faded gold or metal showing through the gold.

Mechanical and self-winding movements

The quality of Rolex’s craftsmanship is often unmatched. The word “Rolex” must be embossed on the movement. Different Rolex models have engravings in different places on the movement. You need to open the watch to be able to find out.find out if rolex is real

With the now-vintage Rolex in Oysterquartz, Rolex also created many quartz watch designs, mainly from the 1960s and 1970s.

You now have some information that will prevent you from purchasing a fake watch, as well as some tools that will remind you how to recognize a fake Rolex.

The next time you go shopping, these tips will come in handy for ensuring you buy an authentic item that you can keep forever.

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