What are the different types of Jewelry – Introduction

When we call about women, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is Jewelry. Jewelry always sharpens beauty and adds more glamour. Various earrings, necklaces, nose rings, and other Jewelry symbolize purity and femininity.

Jewelry helps you to bring out your inner beauty and radiate it. They give your attire a radiance and enhance your beauty. Individuals will become the center of attention if they wear the proper Jewelry and attire. There are several options available for those who enjoy simple, sleek Jewelry. Although jewelry design and form have changed, people adore wearing antique and vintage pieces.What are the different types of Jewelry

Having a collection of your favorite jewelry pieces is a common thing. But finding the correct jewelry type to match the costume could be more precise. As a Fashion Designer, I decided to share some fine things about the types of Jewelry. So, keep reading until the end!

What is known as Jewelry?

Jewelry is described as ornamental pieces worn as fashion accessories. They can be anything. They include necklaces, armbands, anklets, earrings, and pendants. Jewelry is one of the oldest types of artifacts found in archaeological sites. The design and structure of Jewelry can be completed by using different materials.

The design of pieces of Jewelry has evolved over the years. But now, people prefer traditional styles and forms in modern Jewelry. Artisans use different techniques to create the perfect finish for platinum, silver, and gold jewelry.

What are the different types of Jewelry?

There are many types of Jewelry that we get in touch with in our day-to-day life. But many need to learn the correct type and how they are valuable. So here is a shoutout on the different types of Jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is also known as custom Jewelry. They are very trendy and make one look fashionable. Fake Jewelry and junk jewelry are all fashion jewelry. They are inexpensive, and people wear these regularly. They complement your outfit and are incredibly demandingWhat are the different types of Jewelry

Since they are less expensive than fine Jewelry, even teenagers can wear these Jewelry without worrying about losing them all the time. Fashion jewelry, which is often made of inexpensive metals and stones, has the power to complete your entire ensemble. Everyone adores these pieces of Jewelry because they are elegant and straightforward.

Antique Jewelry & Vintage Jewelry

Always the people say Old is Gold. And that is the same with Antique Jewelry. The term “Antique jewelry” is often similar to the term “Vintage jewelry.” But they are different. The main difference between vintage and antique Jewelry is their period. Vintage Jewelry is just 50 years old, while Antique Jewelry is 100. So, Antique collections are always older than Vintage collections.

People consider antique Jewelry a classic that can always be exciting and exciting. They are incredibly precious and rare, so nobody regularly wears antique Jewelry. The sale of antique Jewelry is something one can only see sometimes. It is uncommon and occasionally done.What are the different types of Jewelry

These jewelry items are priced based on the metal used to create them. The price also takes into account precious stones and gems.

Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry talks about a particular style of setting gems that usually consist of uncut diamonds that use 24-carat gold foils. Kundan means pure in Sanskrit. Rubies, spiels, emeralds, sapphires, etc., are gems used by the Kundan jewelry setting.

Evolution of Kundan jewelry

The modern pieces of Kundan jewelry use semi-precious stones like onyx, tourmaline, and turquoise. Jaipur is a well-known city for the world’s best Kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry is costly since the studded gems are incredibly high cost.

Temple Jewelry

Temple jewelry refers to those pieces of Jewelry that Bharatnatyam dancers wear. The inspiration for this Jewelry comes from the ornaments and pieces of Jewelry that one uses for decking up the South Indian idols of Hindu goddesses and gods.

More about Temple jewelry

The temple jewelry uses silver for its construction and is gold-plated. Precious stones like Pearls, Emeralds, White Sapphires, and Rubies are also studded in this Jewelry. Different types of temple jewelry include simple Necklaces, Vankis, jadai anagrams, nose pins, bills, etc. Temple pieces of Jewelry can be affordable and expensive, depending on their type.

Bridal jewelry

Who doesn’t love bridal Jewelry? Bridal Jewelry refers to heavy and oversized pieces of Jewelry. Our world has different cultures, so bridal Jewelry differs from culture to culture.Jewelry types

Some cultures prefer wearing simple, delicate Jewelry like diamond and platinum, while others prefer heavy and royal gold. The market for bridal Jewelry is vast, and this type of Jewelry is always in demand.

Filigree jewelry

Filigree jewelry refers to gold and silver jewelry on which one can view highly intricate work. Fine beadwork and delicate threadwork are done on these jewelry pieces. The designs are stunning and mesmerizing. One can find this type of Jewelry in Indian and Asian Jewelry.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry refers to that Jewelry that is handcrafted. Artisans known as karigars or achari put in their efforts and craft jewelry with their hands. The process of jewelry crafting by hand is extremely time-consuming and laborious. This Jewelry has intricated and delicate designs and is quite expensive. Handmade Jewelry is unique, creative, and astonishing.

Bead Jewelry

What are the different types of Jewelry
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A bead is a tiny ornamental component that can build into many different shapes. It is given a hole in the center, then threaded with strings. Beads have long been used in Jewelry, and this practice is very well-liked.

While some other precious beads are made from minerals, coral and pearl are organic. Bead strands are used to create Jewelry. As a result, they appear very slick and sophisticated. As a result, some jewelry is inexpensive while others are expensive.

As a final note on “What are the different types of Jewelry”, the type of Jewelry should be very sensible and match the occasion.


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