What to Wear to a Hostess Interview

You’re gearing up for a hostess interview, excited to take the next step in your career. You’ve done your homework, perfected your resume, and rehearsed your charming smile. But have you considered what you should wear to make the best impression? Your attire plays a significant role in how potential employers perceive you, and dressing appropriately for the occasion can set you on the path to success. So, let’s dive into the world of hostess interview attire, ensuring you’re dressed to impress.


They say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and this adage holds especially true for job interviews. Your choice of attire is a crucial part of the impression you make. In this article, we’ll explore what to wear for a hostess interview, covering everything from understanding company culture to specific clothing options for both men and women.What to Wear to a Hostess Interview

The Importance of Dressing Right

Imagine this scenario: you walk into an upscale restaurant for a hostess interview wearing flip-flops, cargo shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt. While this attire might be perfect for a day at the beach, it’s far from suitable for a professional setting. Dressing appropriately demonstrates your understanding of the job’s requirements and the company culture.

Making a Great First Impression

In a competitive job market, first impressions matter more than ever. Your clothing choices can convey your respect for the opportunity and your commitment to the role.

The Role of Clothing in Professionalism

Think of your clothing as your professional armor. It boosts your confidence and can command respect. In the context of hostess interviews, dressing appropriately not only sets you apart but also shows that you take the role seriously.

Research and Preparation

Before you dive into your closet, it’s essential to gather some information about the company and the position you’re interviewing for.

Understanding the Company Culture

Different establishments have different vibes. Research the restaurant or venue where you’re interviewing. Is it a formal, high-end restaurant with a strict dress code, or is it a trendy, laid-back spot? Online reviews and talking to current or former hostesses can give you valuable insights into the company culture.

For example, if you’re interviewing at a fine dining establishment like “Le Soleil,” you’ll want to lean toward a more formal outfit. A classic knee-length black skirt paired with a white blouse and closed-toe heels can convey the right level of professionalism.

Reviewing the Job Description and Requirements

Pay close attention to the job description and any specific requirements mentioned. Some places may have uniform guidelines, while others might expect you to adhere to a particular dress code.

Suppose the job posting for a hostess at a beachfront tiki bar emphasizes a casual and fun atmosphere. In that case, you could opt for a knee-length sundress with comfortable sandals, allowing you to showcase your ability to fit in with the relaxed ambiance.

Considering the Location and Season

Location and climate are important factors to consider. Dressing appropriately for the weather not only ensures your comfort but also shows your practicality.

If you’re interviewing in sunny Los Angeles in the middle of summer, lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen could be your best friend. Pair a linen blouse with a knee-length A-line skirt and comfortable wedges for a cool and stylish look.

The Basics of Hostess Interview Attire

With the background research done, let’s dive into the essentials of hostess interview attire.

Dress Code Standards

Hostess interviews typically call for attire ranging from business casual to business professional. This means clean, well-fitting clothing that exudes professionalism.

For example, a well-tailored pantsuit in a neutral color like navy or charcoal gray is a classic choice for a business professional setting. It demonstrates your commitment to the role and your ability to uphold a high level of professionalism.

General Dress Guidelines

For both men and women, a well-fitted outfit is essential. Baggy clothes can give off a careless impression, while overly tight attire can be uncomfortable and distracting.

Consider this scenario: You’re interviewing at a modern, upscale steakhouse known for its elegance and sophistication. In this case, a fitted knee-length pencil skirt paired with a tailored blazer, a silk blouse, and sleek pumps can strike the perfect balance between style and professionalism.

The Importance of Cleanliness and Grooming

Cleanliness is a non-negotiable aspect of your attire. Ensure your clothes are spotless, well-ironed, and free from wrinkles or visible wear and tear. Pay equal attention to your grooming, as a polished appearance speaks volumes about your commitment to the role.

Women’s Interview Attire

Ladies, let’s explore some outfit ideas tailored to hostess interviews.

Appropriate Tops

Choose a blouse or button-down shirt in a solid color or a subtle pattern. Avoid low-cut or overly flashy tops that might distract from your qualifications.

Imagine you’re interviewing at a high-end Italian restaurant famous for its romantic atmosphere. A fitted satin blouse in a deep burgundy color paired with a black pencil skirt and closed-toe high heels can evoke the perfect mix of sophistication and elegance.


When selecting bottoms, opt for a knee-length skirt or slacks in a neutral color like black, gray, or navy. Make sure they fit well and don’t wrinkle easily.

Suppose you’re interviewing at a chic rooftop bar with breathtaking views of the city. In that case, a pair of well-fitted black slacks, a white tucked-in blouse, and elegant ankle boots can help you make a stylish statement.


Closed-toe shoes are a must for hostess interviews. Whether you prefer heels or flats, prioritize comfort. You might be on your feet for extended periods, and comfortable shoes will help you stay focused and at ease.

For instance, if you’re interviewing at a trendy fusion restaurant, consider classic black ballet flats. They provide both style and comfort, allowing you to navigate the restaurant smoothly.


Less is more when it comes to jewelry. Stick to minimal and tasteful pieces, such as a delicate necklace or stud earrings. A simple belt can also complement your outfit and create a polished look.What to Wear to a Hostess Interview

Imagine you’re interviewing at an upscale seafood restaurant with a marine-inspired decor. A pearl necklace and matching stud earrings, paired with a navy blue skirt suit and nude pumps, can create an elegant and harmonious ensemble.



Hairstyling and Makeup

Choose a neat and tidy hairstyle that frames your face well. Your makeup should be subtle and enhance your natural features rather than overpower them.

If you’re interviewing at a contemporary Japanese restaurant known for its minimalist design and aesthetic, consider a sleek, low bun or a classic French twist. Keep your makeup simple, with neutral tones and a hint of mascara to accentuate your eyes.

Men’s Interview Attire

Gentlemen, let’s explore suitable wardrobe choices for your hostess interview.

Dress Shirts

A crisp, well-fitted dress shirt in a solid color is a solid choice. Make sure to tuck it in neatly, and ensure it’s free from wrinkles or stains.

Imagine you’re interviewing at a renowned steakhouse known for its old-world charm. A white dress shirt paired with a dark gray suit and a tasteful tie can exude sophistication and align perfectly with the restaurant’s ambiance.

Dress Pants

Opt for dress pants that complement your shirt and suit jacket, if applicable. Avoid jeans or overly casual trousers.

Suppose you’re interviewing at a modern, upscale bistro with a fusion menu. In that case, charcoal gray dress pants paired with a light blue dress shirt and brown leather loafers can convey a sense of contemporary style and professionalism.

Ties and Accessories

A well-chosen tie can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Opt for classic, simple ties that coordinate with your attire.

For instance, if you’re interviewing at a French-inspired brasserie with a focus on culinary artistry, consider a silk tie with a subtle pattern in colors that echo the restaurant’s aesthetic. This attention to detail can showcase your commitment to the role.


Polished dress shoes are a must for men. Ensure they are clean and in good condition.

Imagine you’re interviewing at a historic downtown jazz club with a timeless ambiance. Classic black Oxford shoes can complement your outfit and add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Grooming and Hygiene

Your grooming should reflect professionalism. A fresh haircut, a clean-shaven face (or neatly trimmed facial hair), and well-groomed nails are essential.

Suppose you’re interviewing at a modern cocktail lounge with a trendy vibe. In that case, a well-maintained beard, a crisp haircut, and a stylish wristwatch can add a dash of contemporary flair to your appearance.

Gender-Neutral Attire Options

For those who prefer a gender-neutral look, there are versatile options available.

Unisex Clothing Ideas

Consider gender-neutral clothing items like tailored blazers, slacks, or classic shirts that can be styled in a way that suits your identity.

Suppose you’re interviewing at a progressive fusion restaurant known for its inclusivity and diversity. In that case, a well-fitted blazer in a neutral color, paired with tailored pants and polished brogues, can convey professionalism while allowing you to express your individual style.

Tips for Maintaining a Professional Look

Regardless of your gender identity, the key is to maintain a professional and polished appearance that aligns with the company culture. Ensure your clothing fits well, is clean and well-kept, and adheres to any guidelines provided in the job description.

Colors and Patterns

The choice of colors and patterns can greatly impact your overall appearance.

Conservative Color Choices

What to Wear to a Hostess Interview

Stick to neutral colors like black, navy, gray, or white. These colors exude professionalism and versatility.

For example, if you’re interviewing at a rustic farm-to-table restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, a cream-colored blouse or shirt paired with olive green slacks and brown leather shoes can create a warm and inviting look that resonates with the restaurant’s ethos.

Avoiding Loud Patterns

Steer clear of bold or flashy patterns that could divert attention from your qualifications. Subtle patterns, such as pinstripes or small checks, are acceptable as long as they don’t overpower your outfit.

Suppose you’re interviewing at a vibrant Mexican cantina known for its lively atmosphere and authentic cuisine. In that case, a solid-colored dress shirt paired with well-fitted khaki pants and comfortable desert boots can convey a sense of approachability and readiness to engage with customers.

Incorporating Brand Colors If Applicable

If you know the company’s brand colors, subtly incorporate them into your outfit. This attention to detail can demonstrate your commitment and interest in the role.

For instance, if you’re interviewing at a trendy sushi bar with a distinct red and black color scheme, a black dress shirt paired with red cufflinks or a red pocket square can subtly align with the restaurant’s branding while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

Interview Outfit Checklist

Before you head out the door, run through this checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Preparing Your Interview Ensemble

The night before your interview, lay out your entire outfit, including all accessories and grooming items, to ensure you have everything you need.

Double-Checking for Cleanliness and Wrinkles

Inspect your clothes one last time for stains, wrinkles, or loose threads. A pristine appearance is a must.

The Importance of Comfort

Your outfit should not only look good but also feel comfortable. You’ll be more at ease during the interview if you’re comfortable in your clothing.

Final Tips

As you prepare for your hostess interview, keep these additional tips in mind:

Dressing for Confidence

When you feel good in your outfit, you exude confidence. Choose clothing that makes you feel empowered and ready to tackle the interview.

Preparing for Potential Uniforms

Some restaurants may require hostesses to wear uniforms. Inquire about this possibility during your interview and ask if there’s a specific dress code for the interview itself. Being prepared shows your proactive approach.

Having Backup Options Ready

In case your first-choice outfit doesn’t work out due to unexpected circumstances, have a backup outfit ready. This ensures you’re not caught off guard.

Packing Essentials

Consider bringing a small emergency kit with essentials like extra stockings or shoe polish. These items can be lifesavers if you encounter a last-minute wardrobe mishap.


Your hostess interview attire is a vital element of making a lasting impression. By following these guidelines and considering the company culture, you’ll not only look the part but also feel confident during the interview process. Remember that your clothing choices speak volumes about your professionalism and attention to detail. So, dress to impress, and go nail that hostess position with style and confidence. Good luck!


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