Haven’t you ever thought of why are fashion shows so weird? If you have the same problem, don’t think you are alone. I am also here with you. The clothes are weird too. And the way the models walk is like hitting someone. And even why do fashion shows exist? Are fashion shows essential? My mind asks, messing me up with all these problems every day. I know that you, too, have the same problems.

Shall we find a solution to these problems together? Okay, well, keep on reading, then.

What is a fashion show?

Simply fashion show is a place to show the talents of designers. Many designers try to put their maximum creativity into their latest designs. As a result, many colors, shades, patterns and even accessories are added to the design.

Fashion shows are open houses where buyers come in and look at all the different pieces on display. The models will walk down the runway while they model each piece, ensuring everyone can see them before going home with their purchase.

Another popular way for designers to promote themselves is through catwalks. Not only designers but many models also try their best in fashion shows. They try to walk like they are the only model in the world.

But do you know this catwalk is the best way to walk in fashion shows? Floors upon which models walk back and forth across. So that buyers can see how well-made each piece looks when appropriately worn by someone else.

Why are fashion shows so weird?

When I think of a fashion show, I only get that it is a runway model wearing weird clothes. But do you know that there is more to it than that? The purpose of a fashion show could be more straightforward. It’s not just about showing off new clothes.

fashion shows

The reason for this weirdness in fashion shows is many clients need to see the piece of cloth from every angle. So, the models try to walk and perform their best to sell the items. So, it is the thing that we see the fashion show as weird.

Another weird thing about a fashion show is it looks like a women’s thing. I am sure you have heard this concept, “fashion show attendees are primarily women”. 80% of all the attendees of fashion shows are indeed women. But this thing is a coincidence. Sometimes men too can perform on fashion shows.

Another thing about fashion shows is the usage of different bright colors. Sometimes these colors are not matching. But designers use them. The reason for this is to address the audience in every way. by using different colors so people can see the different patterns in the clothes correctly.

Are fashion shows essential?

Are fashion shows essential
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The answer is yes. Fashion shows are an essential part of how companies advertise their products to consumers and introduce new styles to the public. They also help brands get people interested in buying new things so they can make money from those purchases.

But, fashion shouldn’t be about just how functional or beautiful something is. It should be about both. Clothes aren’t just things that keep us warm or look good. They’re also supposed to make us feel good about ourselves as individuals.

We all know, today everything depends on money. Many people depend on one fashion show. Retailers, models, fashion designers, and photographers are the direct dependents. But there are many indirect dependents like cloth sellers, tailors, event planners, and even the people who serve the refreshments for the guests. So still, are the fashion shows unnecessary?

Final note on “why are fashion shows so weird”.

Fashion shows are weird because they must be set up for people to understand. They’re designed by people who don’t understand human nature, and we’re all just going along with it because we want what they have. In fashion, rich people can show off how much money they have, but more importantly. It is about proving that we are better than everyone else around us!


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