Can fashion reflect social change? We all know that we are now in a social media era. With the influence of social media, people are getting closer to digital devices than cooperating with others. Social media can change people. Social media can influence the interests, likes and dislikes and even how they live.

Regarding the positive side of social media, changes can happen suddenly. Today’s talk is not about social media but social change. So be sure to read until the end.Can fashion reflect social change

What is social change?

Social change is variations that happen in the mechanisms within the social structure. These variations can lead to changes in cultural values, social organizations, the beliefs of the people and even the way of living.

What is the meaning of Social Factors?

We can identify social factors as the things that can affect someone’s lifestyle. People’s way of living can differ according to wealth, education level, religion, job and habits. So as these things highly affect the way of living, these things can identify as Social Factors.

Which social factor influenced fashion?

Now you know what social change is and what are the social factors. But when it comes to fashion, the quality is what matters the most. A famous quote says, “first impression is the best impression.” But the thing is, each and every one can only follow some of the fashion trends due to the above-mentioned social factors.

Just say you are a low-class guy. You can buy a Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime watch which costs around 31.19 million US dollars. I think you bought the watch. But will it add value to you? No, because you are almost with a group of people thinking that affording expensive things is a dream. Or else your watch will be stolen by another guy who knows the value.

So, social factors like culture, demography, population change, lifestyle and conventions can greatly influence fashion.

Can fashion reflect the social change?

As mentioned earlier, we are now in a social media era. We can promote anything through social media, whether good or bad. Being trending is much simple today. So, let’s look at some fashion ideas that emerged in society with social media.


Minimalism is being straightforward. Or in other words, it refers to low consumption. It is maintaining the quality of life using a minimum number of things. You can wear a casual t-shirt and denim and flip-flops to shopping without wearing boots or shoes. The girls can wear a simple frock with sandals to college without an ankle strap.Social Change

Eco friendly.

Eco-friendly fashion is a newly created trend in the fashion industry. Eco-friendly fashion always tries to minimize the damage caused to the environment. We all know that the production of artificial fabrics emits lots of carbon. But with the impact of the eco-friendly concept, carbon emission has lowered to a certain considerable amount. In simple terms, it is the green impact on the fashion field.

No fashion reflects society

There is no racism in the fashion industry. All are treated the same. Whether you are black or white, fashion is for all. Nowadays, many highly rated brands are addressing their black community more. Also, the best thing is now, and many blacks are business owners. This racial inclusivity is a good approach. Treating every the same is a significant influence in the fashion industry.


Decades ago, ladies were caged on what to wear and what not to wear. Wearing pants and shorts was a restricted thing for girls. But now, with the implementation of the Feminism concept in the fashion industry, women can do whatever they want. Wearing pants in the workplace is not a strange thing. Nowadays, ladies wear loafers along with trousers. There are also unisex clothes and shoes. So, I think feminism is also a significant influence in the fashion industry.Feminism

Body positive clothing

There is no limit to fashion. The clothes are any size, any shape. Whether you are a man or woman, clothes are in many ranges. Some clothes are designed according to the body shape, while some are designed for the profession. Whether you are pregnant or not, clothes are for you. Whether you are a Muslim or catholic, clothes are for you. With boundaries for tall, curvy, petite, maternity, and plus-sized figures, brands are shifting towards a more body-positive clothing industry.

So finally, the answer for “Can fashion reflect social change” is yes. Fashion can reflect social change, such as being healthier and longer. This is how fashion reflects society. Fashion is the reflection and expression of our history. Social changes affect fashion in every way. Also, there is still a long, hard road ahead. All these changes create a beautiful future for the fashion industry.

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