Before we look into sustainable fashion, firstly, we shall make ourselves clear on fashion. What does fashion mean? When we consider clothing, in simple words, fashion means the prevailing style during a particular period. Fashion has been changing through the generations for eras. People express themselves through fashion. Let It be clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, hair and make-up, and many more.

Before focusing on the article’s main topic, we need to understand sustainability. 

What is Sustainability?

If we look at what sustainability is, it is fulfilling our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This means using only the number of resources that our planet can replace naturally and not producing anything that the earth cannot absorb naturally. 

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion means “eco-friendly” fashion. This usually refers to the garments or clothing that are produced in an environmentally friendly way. So it can also be considered a socially responsible fashion. 

With carbon footprints contributing to over 10% of the global greenhouse gas emission, it is clear the harm made to the environment by the fashion industry. 

As in everywhere and everything, a change doesn’t occur quickly with one go. It is vital that people in every nook and corner of the world must understand the importance of sustainable fashion and sustainable clothing so that we can safeguard our natural resources for future generations. 

It is challenging to make people aware of sustainable fashion practices and to make them active in taking a ride in making a change; after all, this change is a must needed. 

sustainable fashion

Forms of Sustainable Fashion

– Rent & Swap

In today’s world, concept stores are formed globally. It allows us to rent or lease the products we need. Especially clothing is available for us to rent out for events. So this way, we can get the garments we need for single-time usage. 

But what if you don’t find what you need for rent? Then the best option is “swap.” You can swap your favorite clothing from your bestie’s wardrobe. Never feel ashamed to do this because we are doing it for the betterment of mother earth. 

– Pre-loved Clothes

What about buying yourself second-hand clothes than going for new ones? Isn’t it a great idea? Nowadays, we see pre-loved businesses popping around, which is a great thing to see. Even some renowned clothing sites have this “second-hand” option visible to purchase. 

– Recycle and Upcycle

Recycle and upcycle are common words in a sustainable fashion.

Recycling basically is collecting and using the materials and things that would be thrown away as trash. Re-producing different things after recycling. 

Upcycling means re-designing something without throwing it out. For example, if you have a hole in your jeans, you can design it and give it a new look. 

Sustainable Fashion

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important?

It is important for everyone to know the advantages and benefits of sustainable fashion. 

 Higher Quality and Long Lasting

These brands are produced with good quality materials, which keep the garments long-lasting. Because they don’t produce them to meet the demands of certain fashion trends. They mostly use organic materials like cotton, hemp, and linen. 

 Doesn’t Focus on Trend

These clothing don’t focus on a trend particularly. Trends expire with time, and then you will end up with a pile of unused clothes. These clothing will always remain unique in their own way. 

 Better for the Environment

The main motive of sustainable fashions is to reduce the harm that is done to the environment. When there is less waste, it is a good sign for the environment because a large amount of textile waste is dumped on the land or burnt, which really is bad for the environment. 

Moreover, cotton materials decay sooner than others. 

And with this compromised sustainable production, water resources and trees are saved too. Because In material production and garment manufacturing, a large amount of water is used, and trees are cut down to produce certain fabrics. 

Teen and Sustainable Fashion

These two terms are interconnected most of the time. Fashion plays an important part in teenagers‘ lives. With this, only they explore and express themselves. 

Teens today are mostly influenced by social media. With influencers and celebrities promoting new products every day, they easily get convinced by their favorite individual and go for it. Cheap products with lesser quality to achieve large sales are promoted. So when you end up piling up your closet with the influence u had, have you ever thought of the other side? 

On the other side, mass production of clothing is happening. This mass production of clothes comes at a very high environmental cost. 

As a community, it is important to give the proper idea and educate teens on sustainable fashion and clothing. Also, make them aware of the brands as for one educated generation will never fail the other. So this can be continued for generations with a proper understanding.

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Why is Sustainable Fashion Considered Expensive?

This is a frequently said statement or most asked question. 

These products being expensive has its good reasons. Expensive but worth it. The quality has a price. But once you purchase them, you can use them for a very long period than normal clothing. 

The raw-material costs of producing sustainable fashion are high. The resources are limited too. So the producers have to consider it. On the other hand, recycling is costly. Most sustainable clothing businesses produce clothes using textile wastage and recycled clothes waste. 

Since there is a greater number of fake or duplicate products around, these sustainable clothing products go under a certification process from materials to the products. So this process usually takes time and is expensive. 

These fashion brands pay extremely fair wages to their workers, which is said as a “living wage,” not a “minimum wage.” 

Though there is potential waste, most of the time, they go for small-scale production. 

When considering the above factors, we now get an idea of how sustainable fashion garments are manufactured. Hence their price is marked up to that range, inclusive of the expenses they have to face.

Finally, we have an understanding of sustainable fashion. As clothing is a part of us, it is important that we give more attention to this topic. Once we invest in sustainable clothing, we get to use them for a longer period as they are durable. So even though they are a bit on the expensive side, a one-time investment gives us a long-time result. Every household should have sound knowledge of this and do the right to save the environment. 

Sustainable Fashion

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